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Personal Investing

Tick all the right boxes – partnering with a multi-manager

Multi-manager investing is designed to provide a simple means of achieving asset manager/fund diversification across a range of asset classes and solutions. But as a financial adviser WHY would you want to partner with a multi-manager when investing money for your clients?

Personal Investing

Dispelling the myths – model portfolios and CGT

Capital Gains Tax was introduced to the South African Income Tax Act, 1962 (‘the Act’) from 1 October 2001 and is applicable to capital gains made after that date. The Act sets out the basis for taxing the capital gains arising from the disposal of an asset.

Investment Library

Investment Library

Fees alone cannot be the driver of improved performance

Is the cheapest really the best? If so, why do all of us not just buy the cheapest smart phone or car? Sometimes the cheapest
represents poor quality or value for money. Other times it may just include less features. Why should investments be any

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The Gender Agenda in South African Asset Management

Women having the same rights in the work place as men does not translate into gender equality when many women face unequal opportunities and biases that limit equal access to skills, development, growth and great career opportunities. This means that many industries are still generations away from reaching gender parity in their workforce.

Benchmarks: ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’
Investment Library

Benchmarks: ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’

As an investor you probably come across the word ‘benchmark’ on a regular basis. You may have noticed this word on a fund factsheet or it may have come up during discussions with a financial adviser. While many clients are familiar with it, the concept can be quite puzzling at times

Generation Next
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GenNext (Generation Next)

It does not feel like it was so long ago when the South African asset management industry was starting to experience a substantial rise in boutique asset managers. Now in their late teens, with some going into adulthood, we – over a three-part series – look back at the journey of the pioneers who left large investment houses to manage money within a boutique setting.