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Personal Investing

Dispelling the myths – model portfolios and CGT

Capital Gains Tax was introduced to the South African Income Tax Act, 1962 (‘the Act’) from 1 October 2001 and is applicable to capital gains made after that date. The Act sets out the basis for taxing the capital gains arising from the disposal of an asset.

Personal Investing

When investing offshore do not overlook the importance of estate planning

South Africa is a small economy when seen in a global context, with only 0.5% of world GDP according to a Goldman Sachs report. It should therefore not come as a surprise that increasingly, more South Africans have decided to further diversify their investments by investing in global markets.

Personal Investing

How to reduce the number of accidents – do not forget your time horizon

The local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry attracted net annual inflows of R213 billion in 2020 – the highest ever in the 55-year history of the industry. The majority of the flows (86%) went into interest bearing portfolios i.e. money market and income portfolios. This should not come as a surprise as these portfolios have been the best performing ‘asset class’ in the local market over the past three to five years.

Investment Library

Investment Library

Multi-Councillor through the lens of a Multi-Manager

When looking at a risk and return scatter graph of funds, it seems as if those funds are standalone entities, far removed from the faces of the portfolio managers behind them. In evaluating managers for more than 20 years, STANLIB Multi-Manager has found that these portfolio managers and how they are set up to make investment decisions can be a critical factor in evaluating the investment house overall. Reason being is that these managers are only human and subject to same human bias as all of us.

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Understanding performance evaluation

Performance evaluation is one of those topics that is conceptually easy to understand, but your understanding begins falling apart once you get into the detail. Fortunately, there are great frameworks for thinking about this “problem”, and great tools for helping with the exercise.