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A portfolio that’s as
diverse as your needs.
STANLIB Multi-Manager takes diversification one step further. Our solutions blend our abilities across different asset classes, managers and strategies to offer tailored investment outcomes based on your individuals needs.
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A global view
meets local insights.
STANLIB Multi-Manager's unlimited investment scope, global intelligence network and our total impartiality, ensure that our solutions can always take advantage of the right opportunities.
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We use an integrated qualitative and quantitative approach to recognise, identify and select the most skilled asset managers in the industry
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OUR core funds

STANLIB Multi-Manager offers a complete range of multi-managed solutions, which are designed to meet your investment goals. The Solutions are constructed as a ‘hybrid’ between domestic balanced and offshore specialist mandates. Capital is allocated across the full spectrum of asset classes and strategies, with the underlying managers given complete flexibility to add value through stock selection and /or asset allocation.



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Multi-Councillor through the lens of a Multi-Manager

When looking at the risk and return scatter graph of funds, it seems as if those funds are standalone entities, far removed from the faces of the portfolio managers behind them. In evaluating managers for more than 20 years, STANLIB Multi-Manager has found that these portfolio managers and how they are set up to make investment decisions can be a critical factor in evaluating the investment house overall. The reason being is that these managers are only human and subject to the same human bias as all of us.

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